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NJ small business marketing and custom content creation

We’re from New Jersey. We know it’s hard for your brand to stand out in the Garden State.

NJ small business marketing can feel like shouting in a crowded room. We’ve been there. We know custom content creation is what it takes to win in New Jersey.

From website content to digital marketing to local SEO, your content marketing strategy has to be on point.

You need a partner that gets NJ small business marketing from a content strategy perspective. You’re marketing to a a specific target audience. You need unique content that drives organic traffic, search engine hits, and new leads.

We know New Jersey. We know small businesses. And we know content. Now, let’s get to know you.

Pink Squirrel Creative — Unique. Visible. Agile.

NJ Small Business Marketing

Website content > web design. Always.

Web design isn’t enough. What good is a beautiful website if potential clients can’t find it? Tri-State marketing and branding are driven by great content.

SEO strategy for New Jersey and beyond.

SEO strategy in NJ presents unique challenges. We help you balance local SEO tactics with content that also drives high search engine ranks.

Killer copy for social media marketing.

Great local content strategy drives social media marketing. Wake up NJ Instagram, Twitter & Facebook customers with killer, unique content.

New Jersey is a tough place to succeed. That’s what makes winning here so rewarding. If your small business fights through the crowd and succeeds in NJ — you know there’s no feeling like it.

Your marketing budget has to be smart. Don’t waste money on “boutique” marketing firms that sell you on style over substance. We know it’s tempting. But they don’t know small business.

Pink Squirrel Creative is a content marketing company from New Jersey, for New Jersey. We know what a small business content marketing strategy looks like in the Garden State, because we are a NJ small business. We know how to keep your branding and marketing on time, on budget, and on message.

And when we’re done, we’ll actually show you how we did it. We don’t believe in making you pay for the same marketing service over and over. Rely on us for the major content marketing and digital marketing challenges your small business faces in the future. The rest? We’ll teach you how to do it yourself.

Let’s save you time, money, and effort. It’s time for your small business to get the content marketing strategy you need to be visible in New Jersey.

Pink Squirrel Creative by the numbers

NJ Content Marketing Company


years content/copy experience


Google search improvement rate


years with longest tenured client

1 million+

words of quality content for brand awareness

NJ small business marketing and content marketing strategy, Pink Squirrel Creative

Content marketing strategy for the small business owner.

Digital marketing strategy starts with great content. We learn your business, its unique qualities and pain points, and build an effective content marketing strategy customized just for you.

  • Digital marketing for lead generation
  • Informative content for existing customers
  • Content creation for social media marketing efforts
  • Quality content for blog post text
  • Brand boosting for a local audience

We aren’t just content creators. We’re content educators.

We Teach You Content Marketing