Who We Are

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Highly visible content marketing, customized for your small business.

Pink Squirrel Creative is a small business that’s built to serve your small business. Content marketing for small business is the key to a visible brand.

We spent 15 years working for the “big guys”. We helped them optimize their web content. They went on to dominate the front page of Google, develop SEO strategy, and drive social media marketing.

Now, we think it’s time to even the playing field. Our first consultation is free.

See why we’re the highly visible competitive advantage your small business needs.

pink squirrel creative: unique, visible, and agile content.


We help your small business create unique content, customized for your individual strengths and challenges. Be yourself, and both Google and your clients will fall in love with you.


We help you build content your target audience wants to see, and helps people find you. There’s nothing more visible than a Pink Squirrel — partner with us and be seen as well.


Your small business has the advantage of being quicker and more responsive than the “big guys”. Let’s use your agility to your advantage and beat them to great content.

Bill Gates content is king quote Pink Squirrel Creative content creation small business content marketing

Bill Gates said this in 1996. 25+ years later, it still holds true. Great content is worth more now than ever. And it drives everything we do, and everything we believe.

Google’s algorithms are set to value high-quality content over everything else. Your website, social media, and digital marketing must be rich with meaning and information.

Pink Squirrel Creative delivers the content that scores high with search engine ranks and with your target audience.

Content marketing strategy and services for small business

Website content: copywriting, content audits and copy editing

Blog management: copywriting, editing and content strategy

Social media marketing: copywriting, editing and content creation concepts

Digital marketing: copywriting, editing and overall content strategy

Print marketing: copywriting, editing and content layout

Press releases: copywriting, editing, content strategy and delivery

Search engine optimization (SEO): current Google best practices audit

Digital advertising: content strategy, copywriting and editing

Holistic small business content strategy: best practices audit of your content

plus a free primary consultation of your current small business content needs.