Content Marketing for Small Business

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Small business content marketing and content creation strategy.

Content marketing isn’t just for big business. You need a competitive edge — it’s not just what you say, but how and where you say it. We won’t just optimize your site for search engine hits. We’ll optimize it for people.

And then, we’ll teach you how to do it yourself.

Content marketing for small business sounds difficult. What is SEO optimization? What’s the difference between writing for small business and creating a customized content marketing strategy?

The truth is, content marketing strategy isn’t impossible. You just need a guide that’s willing to teach you content marketing tips along the way.

Pink Squirrel Creative is here to teach, and here to help.

Documented Content Strategy — Unique. Visible. Agile.

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Your business has unique challenges and its own target audience. We brand your content to match your needs.

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SEO sucks. It’s skewed to favor the “big guys”. We optimize your content using their software tools to even the odds.

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We’re a small business too. We know speed is everything. You won’t wait forever to see your content strategy in action.

Digital marketing can be frustrating. It keeps small businesses from succeeding on a larger scale. The secret is simple. Today’s search engines value quality content over everything else. You need valuable content throughout your website and social media with 1 key strategy in mind — be visible.

Small business content marketing doesn’t take a huge budget, overpriced marketers, or content marketing tactics with language you don’t understand.

All it takes is a content expert that actually wants to understand your business. Our powerful content marketing tool helps create the text that will boost your search engine results and drive lead generation.

And when we’re done, we’ll actually show you how we did it. You’ll be able to produce your own high quality content. We’re not driven by dollars. We’re driven to make your business better. We want to be your partners.

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1 million+

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Content marketing strategy for small business owners

Content marketing strategy for the small business owner.

Digital marketing strategy starts with great content. We learn your business, its unique qualities and pain points, and build an effective content marketing strategy customized just for you.

  • Digital marketing for lead generation
  • Informative content for existing customers
  • Content creation for social media marketing efforts
  • Quality content for blog post text
  • Brand boosting for a local audience

We aren’t just content creators. We’re content educators.

We Teach You Content Marketing

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Improve your Google search rank with visible quality content.

“Think about what makes your website unique, valuable, or engaging. Make your website stand out from others in your field.”

(Google Webmaster Guidelines)

Google wants great content. And lots of it. Filler copy doesn’t cut it. Auto-generated text? Only if you want search engines to ignore you.

Every sentence of strong content creation shines a brighter spotlight on your small business.

A free content audit is the best way to start.

Our Small Business Content Marketing Services Suite

Holistic content marketing strategy

Website content

Copywriting and copy editing

Blog construction and management

Social media marketing

Digital marketing strategy

Print marketing

Press releases

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Current Google Webmaster best practices

plus, a free primary consultation and content audit